Is your company investing in R&D?

It's time to explore the tax offests available to you. You may be eligible for Australian Government funding under the Research and Development Tax Incentive Scheme.
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The R&D Tax Incentive

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive is the Australian government's key mechanism for fueling industry investment in R&D. The incentive offers companies a way to invest in R&D by easing some of the initial growing pains and associated costs through a tax offset of up to 43.5% on eligible expenditure.

Over 14,000 businesses successfully claimed the tax offset in the last financial year

Since 2013, the incentive has provided $13.8 billion to Australian businesses

The grant is eligibility-based, not competitive - if you qualify, the tax offset is yours

The incentive offers peace of mind by minimising the risk associated with investing in research and development

Gain a competitive edge and place yourself at the forefront of your industry by exploring innovative technologies, processes, products, and services

Don't underestimate what your project costs

We have found that most companies underestimate their actual R&D costs, especially if direct and indirect expenses aren't properly considered. Costs can include:


The cost of having your team on the project


Contractors conducting R&D on your behalf


Direct costs associated with building and testing your prototype


Additional costs required for your R&D activities

We guide you from start to finish

Sprout Scientific is here to help you determine exactly what’s included in your R&D effort and minimise your investment cost. Our process involves pairing your project with our skilled consultants who are well-versed in guiding you through the rebate-claims process. We want to connect innovative businesses that are doing good with game-changing rebates. The best part? We only charge success fees. Ready to dive in?

Want more information?

Download our free Quickstart Guide with all the key considerations for the R&D Tax Incentive, or book a free consultation with us to see how your business can benefit.

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