Evolve on all fronts

Sprout Scientific is a full-spectrum growth company
for those with new ideas that do good.

We are a distributed network of skilled consultants driving development for businesses with a big potential to do good for both people and planet. Building a business can be a bumpy journey - Sprout handles the tough tasks for you, letting you focus on your next steps.

Meet the Team


Managing Director

Following years of experience in advanced manufacturing research and the professional services industry at a Big-4 firm, Rhys is a jack-of-all-trades with connections throughout the Australian start-up scene and a positive energy that inspires the team. Rhys has over a decade of experience in preparing R&D Tax Incentives, Export Market Development Grants, tender proposals, as well as the development of project plans and budgets for many successful competitive grant applications.



With a Bachelor's in writing and English literature and a Master's in IT, Tristan is process-driven and loves to build digital efficiency into his management at Sprout. Since becoming a manager, Tristan has led the Business & Incentives team to win the 2021 Boosting Female Founders Initiative and the Victorian Hydrogen Business Ready Fund, and been involved in over fifty R&D Tax Incentive and Export Market Development Grants.


Senior Consultant

With a Bachelor's in neuroscience, a Masters in medical biotechnology, and experience in the marketing and technology sectors, Victoria is versatile and passionate about helping innovative companies capture new opportunities. Victoria has made major contributions to many of our successful grant applications in highly competitive programs, such as the Boosting Female Founders Initiative, whilst also leading Sprout’s marketing efforts.


Operations Officer

With a Bachelor's in communications and journalism and years of customer service experience, Jamie spearheads our Operations Team and is guiding Sprout's social and ethical journey. She hopes to help Sprout achieve B-Corp certification soon.


Assistant Draftsperson

With a Bachelor's in IT, a Master's in Communications, and experience as a University lecturer, Elie brings a fresh perspective and wicked sense of humor to the team.


Senior Software Engineer

With a Bachelor's in Mechatronics Engineering and years of experience leading the development of various software programs and algorithms design for novel robotics technologies, Jerome is known for his dedication to produce efficient and robust software solutions for clients.


Embedded Systems Engineer

With a Bachelor's of Engineering (Hons) in Electronics Engineering & Artificial Intelligence and more than a decade of experience in consulting, James prides himself on his ability to help clients reach their goals by producing exceptional solutions that are brought to market year after year.



Mark is an experienced front end, user interface, focused developer. He specialises in delivering web based apps from product solution design through to complete websites. He has a passion for enhancing usability and functionality of web/digital based products to help organizations address their business challenges.