Patent Technical Drafting

Patent Technical Drafting is performed prior to review by your IP lawyers to reduce legal expenses and help to smooth the path to filing. Whether it is an invention, a new product, or a unique piece of software, we’ll let you focus on what's really important: your idea, not the paperwork needed to protect it. We'll walk you through every step and ensure that your patent description, method, drawings and claims are clear, structured appropriately and concise, giving you the best chance of meeting your law team’s expectations - without the hefty price tag.

Focus elsewhere while we work with your technical/law teams to get the job completed

Find the right way to structure your drafts ready for review

Save time, money and protect your valuable intellectual property

Show potential investors that you have thought this through!

Your patent attorney/IP lawyer will appreciate the work

Provide solid technical foundations for your patent

Patent applications must reflect all necessary details so they are legally valid before filing, but hiring a patent attorney or IP lawyer for the entire process can be expensive and time-consuming, leaving you with a huge bill and a product that may never make it to market. Here at Sprout Scientific, we'll help you lay out all aspects of your invention so that you can proceed to the legal review phase and get your idea patented as soon as possible. This process involves:

Initial discovery workshop

We will learn your business and invention(s) and develop a strategy for representing the same

Documentation review

Our technical drafting team will review all of your documentation and identify associated literature in the Prior Art

Technical Draft

Our team of local consultants will draft the initial Abstract, Description, Method and Claims for your invention, ready for legal review/advice

Ancillary Materials

We can also assist with providing drawings in line with established styling guides, and create other supporting documentation as required

Let’s get your project started

A successful patent application starts with the foundations laid in the patent draft, but shouldn’t you pay your lawyers for their knowledge, not their keystrokes? If you would like assistance putting words to your ideas, contact Sprout Scientific to book a complimentary consultation. Let us help you maintain your competitive advantage - keeping draft preparations seamless and simple.