VoIP Integration and Sales Script Drafting

VoIP integration allows small businesses to integrate their inbound and outbound calls from multiple numbers and softphones into one platform, permitting customers to click to call and communicate with a real person in real-time. Paired with a well-crafted sales script, Sprout Scientific can help you enhance the quality of your customer service, boost your sales conversion rate, and move you closer to reaching your revenue objectives.

Reduces call costs while providing prospects and customers with a more familiar and direct contact method

Direct contacts ensure that the customer experience is positive and your sales staff are ready to assist the customer immediately on their first point of contact

Easily manage calls from anywhere at any time, on any device

Improves the company's efficiency and increases revenue

Higher closing ratios and fewer wasted sales efforts

Bespoke sales scripts for your business

Here at Sprout, we know that businesses want their sales scripts to work the first time. Our team will draft comprehensive and complex scripts through a systematic research process that focuses on your products, services, industry trends and decisive calls to action. You'll be able to streamline the sales process, cut time to close and increase the number of opportunities. This process entails:

Improving Lead Generation

Reviews and consultations to scale incoming lead volumes and lead quality

Developing Understanding

Analysis of your business, products, services and existing pitches/scripts

Script Drafting

Development of draft sales scripts for both cold and warm lead calling/nurturing

In-house Testing

Testing of sales scripts on sample lead sets to hone to and increase conversion rates

It’s time to jumpstart sales for your business

Get in touch with Sprout Scientific today to find out more about our VoIP and scripting services. We work with a range of CRM’s and can integrate these services with your existing email marketing and lead generation activities. Having a well documented and optimised point of sale strategy is essential for business growth and building a scalable sales team. We’re ready to unleash the fury in your business!