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Sprout Scientific celebrates their win
Sprout Scientific celebrates their win

Sprout Scientific Wins ‘Excellence in Small Business’ at the 2023 Illawarra Business Awards

October 16, 2023
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Growth for Good

Sprout Scientific is thrilled to announce our success at the 2023 Illawarra Business Awards, where we were selected as the winners of the "Excellence in Small Business" category. For over a quarter century, the Illawarra Business Awards have been the hallmark of success and innovation in our region. To be recognised at such a prestigious level is humbling and serves as a milestone of our achievements.

Sprout’s journey has been one of persistent dedication to our core value of supporting sustainable, ethically-sound businesses. In the past year alone, our efforts have contributed substantially to the local economy, having secured funding for Illawarra businesses to pursue research and development, conduct energy efficiency improvements through infrastructure upgrades, and many other projects. We also launched our grants database and ‘Concierge’ service to revolutionise how SMEs access funding opportunities. By propelling local businesses to the forefront of innovation and social good, we're helping to shape the Illawarra into a hub of technology and sustainable development.

As we continue to grow, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering businesses and nurturing a future where sustainability, innovation, and community thrive together. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Illawarra Business Awards committee for this recognition, to our fellow nominees who continue to raise the bar of excellence, and to the Illawarra community for fostering an environment where small businesses can achieve great things.

As we celebrate this win, we are reminded of the collective effort that brought us here. From our dynamic group of employees who embody our mission to our clients whose innovative work inspires us, this award is shared by all who have been part of our journey.

Up next: We have progressed to the 2023 NSW Business Awards! We’re looking forward to another evening celebrating the innovation and inspiration of the NSW business community!

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